The text module is used to add paragraphs of text to your proposal. Multiple paragraphs can exist within a single module. You have full control over the formatting of your text module and text modules will default to your global typography styles when created.

The size of your text is can be set with the following:


Best used for large headings in your header or at the beginning of your proposal.


Best used for section headings or sections within paragraphs.


Best used for long-form copy and paragraphs.

Module Padding

Add space between the bottom of this module and the next.

Note: The size of each of these can be set in your ‘Global Typography’ settings. Pre-defined sizes have been used to assist in creating consistency and hierarchy throughout your proposal, as well as optimizing for reading across different devices.

You can also add additional formatting to your text, such as underline, strikethrough, bulleted list, numbered list and quotes. These are toggled on and off with the icons found under ‘Style’.

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