Fee modules are used to add fees to your proposal. These will be automatically added to your proposal total when entered. Multiple lines of fees can be added to a single fee module. A fee module can live in any section of a proposal.

The last section of every proposal is the ‘Fee Table’. This is where all of your fees are added together and includes the subtotal, applicable tax and proposal total.

There are a number of options for your fees in the contextual sidebar. These include:


Optional fees are NOT added to your fee total. When your recipient approvals your proposal they will have the option include or exclude these fees. These are great for up-selling or offering optional sections in your proposal. If a module is optional, this is applied to ALL rows in the fee module.

Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt means that all fees within the module will not have tax added to them. This can be useful if tax is only applicable to some of the fees in your proposal.

Module Padding

Add space between the bottom of this module and the next.

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