To create and send a new proposal, start by clicking a square titled ‘New Proposal’ from the Proposals Overview section.

Step One: Name and Recipient

Complete the following form fields:
Proposal Title
Reference (Optional)
First Name
Last Name
Recipient Email

If you have added a contact to your account, you can select to pre-populate the recipient fields with their details.

Once finished, click ‘CONTINUE’.

Step Two: Edit Content

Your proposal has now been created. To begin editing the content in your proposal, click ‘EDIT CONTENT’. For instructions on editing your proposal, please see the ‘Editor’ section of the Knowledge Base.

Step Three: Confirm and Send

When sending your proposal, you can specify a custom subject and message. The default subject to the recipient is ‘You’ve received a new proposal’.

You can also write a personalized message. It is recommended that you mention to the recipient that you are sending them a proposal and they can click ‘View Proposal’ to view. If left blank, the default text in the email will be:

Hi [Recipient Name]

You have been sent the proposal [Proposal Name] from [Proposal Author] at [Author Company]. Your proposal can be viewed and approved on any device. Simply visit the link below.


[Author Name]

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