The Editor is where you create your proposals, think of this as your blank canvas of endless opportunities. The editor comprises of a few main sections:

Top Bar

This is located at the top of your screen. It shows your proposal navigation (hamburger), proposal total, saving, return to drafts and preview.


This sidebar on the left shows the structure of your proposal. Each new section will be automatically added to the navigation structure. You can rename each section with the ‘name bar’ above each section in your proposal. The name of the section doesn’t appear in the final proposal unless you choose to add it, either as a module title or body of text.


When you have finished your proposal, you can click ‘Preview’ in the top right corner to see how your final proposal will look.

Contextual Sidebar

Located on the right of your screen, this sidebar will change and provide different options, depending on what you have selected.

Insert Header

This is where you can add an optional header to your proposal. This can include a background image, color tint, and typography. The settings for this are modified through the contextual sidebar on the right.


A section is a part of your proposal and can have multiple content modules within it. For example, a single section could have text, image and a table. Each section can have a title and is automatically added to the proposal navigation.


Modules are blocks of content that live within each section. Sections include Fees, Text, Images and Tables. A section can have an unlimited number of modules and they can appear in any order. Modules can also be re-ordered within any section by dragging and dropping.

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