The header is a large component at the top of your proposal that can be used to give your proposals some visual impact. The header includes a background image, color overlay and typography. The header has a number of variables that can be customized in the contextual sidebar. These include:


This is the background image for your header. An image of 1500px wide is recommended. The image will be centered horizontally and vertically.


The height determines the height of your header, from 200px to 600px. This is adjusted on a slider and the proposal is updated in real time.


This is used to add a color fill over your image.


This is used to adjust the % of opacity on the color fill over your image.


All typography settings are used to style the text in your header. Your text can be left, right or center aligned. You can also select if you want your text to be top, middle or bottom aligned with the ‘Position’ drop down.

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